NaPoWriMo 20 – Who Followed Me

I’ve been under the weather, so this post is late. The NaPoWriMo challenge for April 20th was to write a poem in the voice of a close relative. I hope this captures the voice–and experience–of my father.

Who Followed Me

by Jan Brown

mourning doves and blue jays
found my new feeders
when I moved four blocks
down the street

blackbirds and goldfinches
followed me
so did the squirrels, dammit
and the cancer cells

happiness is fleeting
a bird flushed by a predator
taking off with a whoosh
a whistle of wings

it could be the sound of fear
a fruitless escape attempt
endless flitting
accomplishing nothing

it could be the sound of mourning
longing for what was
hoping for a do-over
grieving in advance

or it could be the sound of hope
faith in what will be
and what always has been
since the beginning of time

it was the Dove of peace
who followed me
in His steadfast patience
and carried me Home at last


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