NaPoWriMo 14 – Love or Hate?

Today’s NaPoWriMo challenge is to write a poem consisting only of questions…except for the last sentence.  Here’s my interpretation:

Love or Hate?

by Jan Brown

When did my sweet, hot love for you turn into wretched hate?

When did my desire for the comfort of your body abate?

When did I become appalled at the sight of your face?

Why does the thought of sex with you make me feel debased?

How long has your whiny voice been grating on my ears?

How long have I been drowning in this tsunami of tears?

What finally convinced me to look for something better?

Could it have been the call from her, or possibly the letter?

Why are you groveling for forgiveness? Did your new love catch on to your game?

Does your slick facade no longer hide the fact that you’re extremely lame?

What makes you think I’d take you back, a man so wicked, so vile?

But please don’t stop begging; your anguished cries and desperate lies can only make me smile!


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