NaPoWriMo 12 – Happiness is….

The National Poetry Writing Month challenge today is to write a “replacement” poem. A replacement poem has elements of a “found poem,” but uses more of the poet’s own words.

We were asked to select a noun representing a tangible item (in my case, I chose “ecosystem”). Then, using found text, replace that word with one representing an intangible quality. I used the Wikipedia entry for “ecosystem,” selected five specific sentences, and replaced “ecosystem” with “happiness.” Then I built the poem around those five statements (five stanzas). I included a few other found phrases from the Wikipedia article as appropriate. I hope you find it meaningful.


Happiness is a community…

we move as many

within the one

undulating, traveling a loop

creating energy

releasing it back to the group


The energy that flows through happiness…

rays of the sun

travel great distances

to nourish and delight

creating love

at the speed of light


Happiness is controlled…

by external events

by internal resources

by the passions of two

creating hope

for me and you


Happiness is subject to periodic disturbances…

shooting stars of fallen dreams

black holes of despair

darkening the skies

creating doubt

with wretched lies


Humans exist and operate within happiness…

a diverse world of wonder

in a constant state of flux

amidst the worst adversity

creating life

requiring faith in you, in me





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