NaPoWriMo 6 – Song of the City

National Poetry Writing Month continues….

The sixth challenge of the month is to simply look out the window, write down the things you see (nouns), the colors you see (adjectives), and the things you see happening (verbs). Then mix and match the nouns, adjectives and verbs as you write your poem.

As I wrote down what I saw, I filled the page with columns of words. But it wasn’t what I saw that impressed me. What had the greatest impact was what I heard. The usual sounds of early spring are particularly lovely after such a frigid winter, both the sounds of nature and the sounds of actual human beings enjoying the outdoors for the first time in months. Also, I live near a train station, so that’s pretty noisy! My neighbor is doing some work on the house, which adds hammering, scraping, talking, occasionally shouting and a variety of energetic music.

All of these wonderful sounds prompted me to adjust the challenge a bit. Here is the result:

Song of the City

by Jan Brown

in the urban landscape

life teems

in the crevice

like grass peeking through the sidewalk

color spills

over the surface

like graffiti on the side of a train

smells waft

from the edges

like hot dogs at a baseball game

but sound crashes

in the center

demanding attention

permeates the air

reaches up

and touches the sky

reaches down

and touches our souls

the roar of machinery

the strike of the hammer

the squealing of brakes

the chatter of squirrels

the song of the sparrow

the whine of the train

the voice of the rapper

the joy of the dancer

the chant of the cheerleader

the beat of the music

the melody of laughter

the crunch of the gravel

the soft moan of lovers

the song of the city

the music of life




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