NaPoWriMo 4 – Lune

National Poetry Writing Month continues….

The fourth challenge of the month is to write a lune. A lune is a simple, short form poem similar to a haiku. It may have just one or several stanzas; each stanza consists of three lines, with three words in the first line, five words in the second, and three words in the last line.

This lune is a somewhat comical remembrance of a wonderful old pub on Lake Michigan, in my favorite state of Wisconsin. Enjoy!

bluegrass band nights
fade to bloody mary breakfasts
resilience of youth
beer and whiskey
scents etched in my memory
whiff of cigarette
the wee hours
firm bed to sleep upon
or just floor

2 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo 4 – Lune

  1. I never knew that there was a site with different prompts for each day! Next year I may try to participate. I tried this two years ago without prompts and hated how hard it was. I am loving yours.

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