NaPoWriMo 3 – A Charm Against Arthritis

National Poetry Writing Month continues….

The third challenge is to write a rhyming charm, a recipe for a magical potion to make something happen–or, as in my case, to keep something from happening!


A Charm Against Arthritis

by Jan Brown

The jawbone of an ass
But not a politician
A bit of sassafras
The cane of a magician
The ribbon of my best friend’s hat
To remind me of her love
A photo of my sweet black cat
A blessing from above
The sparkle of a topaz
To fight away the pain
A few fine notes of cool jazz
To soothe and keep me sane
Olive oil to grease the joints
A rabbit’s foot for luck
A carrot just for counterpoint
A grimace when I say, “Oh, f*ck!”
A hundred Advil, two by two
Some fairy dust would help
A thousand steps and stretches too
Don’t worry if I scream and yelp
Just add the final touch
A pinch of peppery spice
Some alcohol, but not too much
Vodka would be nice
Shall I imbibe, or use as lotion?
Not sure, but either way
Heaven bless this mighty potion
And keep the demons of pain at bay

2 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo 3 – A Charm Against Arthritis

  1. Thank goodness, a charm against the pain. It sounds like a chant, an invocation. Nice job with the rhyming. I like the playfulness of some of the images.


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