Collected Twitter Verse

illustration by lineartestpilot - Fotolia.comHave you been following my Twitter feed? I frequently write micropoetry in response to various Twitter prompts, or in response to current events, politics, nature’s madness and/or my screwed up life.

Don’t follow my Twitter feed? No matter, I’ve collected the juicy bits of poetry and added them to my “Poetry Collections” page.

Today, I added my fall/winter collection, entitled Staring into the Polar Vortex. You can read or download it as a .pdf file for free. Click the link below, or visit my Poetry Collections page for more juicy goodness.

Of course, all work is copyrighted. Stealing it would be futile, anyway. I would be amazed if it generated any income whatsoever 🙂



Collected Twitter Verse, Vol. VIII: Staring into the Polar Vortex



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