Dinner and Romance

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers! We are a community of writers from around the world who post 100-word stories each week, based on a photo prompt provided by our effervescent leader, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. This week’s photo is by David Stewart. Thank you, David!

dinner bell david-stewart

Dinner and Romance

by Jan Brown

“Dinner’s here!”

Jack was rarely home for dinner these days, so it was refreshing to see him walk through the door with a pizza in hand. We sat down to candlelight and wine. I thought it would be romantic. I was wrong.

“You’re home early!  Is your special project completed?”

“It’s not really a special project.”


“I’ve been spending my evenings with Tammy.”

“Your intern?!?!?”

“She just graduated–and accepted a job at our LA office. We’re relocating together.”

I reached for the wine.

Should I pour myself another glass?

Or hit him over the head with the bottle?



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35 thoughts on “Dinner and Romance

  1. Good story with great dialogue. I would have felt like hitting him over the head, but I’d probably get arrested for assault and battery. I might pour another big glass of wine and throw it in his face or dump it in his lap, hoping it would stain his good suit. I would then consider suing him for abandonment, hiring the best lawyer I could find.

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