Double Agent

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers, when writers from around the world post 100-word stories based on a photo prompt provided on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog. This week’s photo is by Kent Bonham. Thank you, Kent!

If you are a fan of the Showtime series “Homeland,” you may have noticed that the demure, young Iranian-American CIA analyst Fara Sherazi has had a couple of uncharacteristically angry outbursts in recent weeks. First, she ranted at the U.S. bankers who laundered terrorist funds. Then, she became outraged that the Iranian spymaster Javadi–who syphoned a large chunk of the bank fees for personal use–would not be exposed for his graft. Instead of bringing him to justice, the CIA blackmailed and convinced him to work as a double agent.

How deeply rooted is her anger? She’s a newbie without any experience as a field agent, but she seems to have conflicting loyalties. Could she potentially “go rogue,” follow him to Iran and expose him?  If so, how would she get out of the country without alerting her bosses at the CIA? Surely their databases are flagged whenever one of their operatives passes through Customs.

This is a piece of fan fiction that imagines that scenario. Hopefully, it stands on its own, with or without the background info.


alley - photo copyright Kent Bonham

Double Agent

by Jan Brown

I am forever grateful for my cousin Jamelah. When I explained my mission, she readily lent me her passport. Fortunately, she’s a U.S. citizen and her passport contains no other biometric data beyond the digital photograph. Though we look almost exactly alike, our fingerprints would be distinguishable.

I am chasing the worst type of traitor—one who feeds off the misery of others. He’s a snake who betrayed his own people for money. I know where to find him this morning. This quiet alley leads to the back door of his bank. He will not live to see another dollar.


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35 thoughts on “Double Agent

  1. Dear Jan,

    Although your story stands on its own, the back story was nice to have. I think you mean “lent” and not “leant” or maybe “loaned”? Loved that last line…won’t live to see another dollar. Well played.



    • Thank you so much! The tension in the show has waned a bit as the focus moved from Brody, but I still find it very interesting. Even the small things can be satisfying, like Saul and Dar locking Senator Buttface in the conference room 🙂

  2. Nice one, Jan! I love Homeland. But Fara should watch her back. I’ve been suspicious of her recent behavior too. I suspect her character may be shadier than she appears.

  3. Good story, Jan. I haven’t seen “Homeland”, although it sounded interesting from the previews. I don’t watch much other than the “NCIS’s” and “Blue Bloods”, plus some PBS. But you make it wound worth the look.

    who’s just about ready to head off with Rochelle and Kent for the writers’ workshop

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