Where Ghosts and Angels Sing

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers! Writers from around the world post 100-word stories every week, based on a photo prompt provided on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog.  This week’s photo is by the multitalented Claire Fuller.

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Where Ghosts and Angels Sing

by Jan Brown

Just a few miles from town is an ancient church, once proud and beautiful, now abandoned and eerie.

Some people say that angels can be heard singing in the empty choir loft on Sundays.

Few know the real story of the choir director who dallied with many a soprano and alto—and a couple of tenors, as well! And me. He shouldn’t have dallied with me.

One fine Sunday evening, I served them all nightshade tea, with throat-soothing honey and lemon.

Now, every Sunday, we sing in perfect harmony, our voices booming to Heaven.

That’s as close as I’ll get.



34 thoughts on “Where Ghosts and Angels Sing

  1. My choice of poison has always been belladonna, darling, but, you know, whatever works for you!
    This was really well done, and I didn’t see the dark ending coming at all. It was all delivered so lightly and matter-of-factly that it didn’t seem ominous at all! This really worked!

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