Cynical much?

lost, soulless

he makes a grab for power

but it’s just out of reach

 he remains weak

mindless, venal

 in other words


gehörnter Boss

Yes, I tend to be cynical. I’m not alone. Yesterday, the results of a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll were released, showing that 83% of Americans disapprove of the job Congress is doing. This is reported to be an all-time “high” in our contempt for Congress’ effectiveness, or lack thereof.

What surprises me more than the 83% disapproval rating, is the remaining 17% of respondents, who apparently either approve (!?!) or have no opinion on Congress’ collective screw-ups. Who are these people? My first thought was that they are isolated from society and completely cut-off from all forms of news. Perhaps they are bold, independent self-sufficiency experts who raise their own food, sew their own clothing by hand, never communicate with others, refrain from trade with the outside world, and do not require jobs, money, education, transportation or health care. But these mythical cave-dwellers would not have phones and, therefore, would not be included in the poll.

The only conclusion I can draw is that there really are people who participate in American society who do NOT disapprove of the job Congress is doing. Really? These must be people who are:

a) blinded by love (i.e., the politicians’ spouses, lovers, children, parents)

b) dependent on Congress for their livelihood (Congressional staff, campaign staff, lobbyists, special interest groups)

c) comedians (or should I include them in category b, above?)

d) journalists and commentators who agree with the current Congressional majority (they probably belong to category b, as well)

e) too rich to care

Or perhaps they just didn’t understand the question. I think there’s a basic flaw in polling by phone, i.e., assuming that we have a representative sample of the American population when, in fact, we are only drawing from that portion of population that still answers phone calls from unknown numbers and is willing to provide personal information to strangers.

I’m pretty sure the real number is closer to 100%.


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