Last Wishes

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers, when writers from around the world post 100-word stories based on a photo prompt provided on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog. This week’s photo is by Randy Mazie. It reminded me of the damage done to New Orleans cemeteries in the wake of Katrina. The living and the dead…so many missing bodies. So many broken hearts and broken lives.

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Last Wishes

by Jan Brown

“Send me back to New Orleans when I die–to be with Jimmy.”

“Wasn’t your family burial site destroyed by Katrina?”

“Yes, but I prefer cremation. Then scatter my ashes in Lake Pontchartrain.”

“Will that get you close to Jimmy?”

The question made me weep, sniffling and sobbing in spasms. I tore off the oxygen mask and wiped my nose. “I was at work. Couldn’t get back home. Jimmy broke through the roof to wait for the helicopters. But they never found him.”

Time to rest now. Finally. I can see him smiling, arms spread wide, welcoming me home.




31 thoughts on “Last Wishes

  1. Oddly enough I almost went down a New Orleans route. Well done, I felt for the poor character. I’m not sure whether it was a mother, father or spouse but it was very effective and brought back some tragic memories.

    • Thank you, Rochelle!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the music video. I chose “Love is Free” not only for its Lake Pontchartrain connection, but also its ability to bring some joy back into a bad situation.

      Peace and love,


  2. I like that you brought up Katrina and New Orleans in your story… tells of a possible direction of a few people among the many affected by the tragic event.

    • Ooooh, tears in the eyes ! That’s also one my criteria for success when I sing! Of course, that assumes they’re tearing up as a result of a deep, emotional response to my beautiful voice and message, and not because my voice is shrill and off-key 🙂

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