Green Eyes

National Poetry Month is coming to a close! My goal of 30 poems in 30 days is complete with this response to NaPoWriMo’s color theme. Enjoy….

green eyes

or were they amber

or hazel

changeable, like him


cool green

the jade necklace

he gave me long ago

were we as cool?


moss green


in the park that summer

the summer of love



the color of foliage

we hid from the world

behind it



Korean incense burner

the scent of sandalwood

surrounded us


“stagnant pond water green”

he called it

the Chicago River

in 1969


scent of limes

rubbed on margarita glasses


sounds of laughter and love



against a brilliant sky

color of the water

from Lake Shore Drive


green carpet

against my back, or his

the lacing of fingers

and limbs


green with envy

who was I with at the concert?

how late was he out?

jealousy, not love



in martini glasses

a drink or two

to hide the pain


eyes change

from amber to green

hazel, I’m told

no longer beautiful


love dies

as green leaves turn

water grows cold

river runs black


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