Love is Blind

Saturday’s NaPoWriMo challenge was to select a common proverb and plug it in to a search engine. Then review the first few pages of results, jot down any words of interest that are found there, and use those words as inspiration and source material for a poem.

I chose the old adage, “Love is blind,” because it applies so well to my youthful choices. 

I guess I have no excuse for any such choices that I may or may not have made later in life. Hmmm….

Once again, I was also inspired by one of Hilary Blackwood’s charming pieces.

 The Decision

I see, I hear

but long for touch

I mourn my losses

but not too much

I long for summer

but melt in sun

I fear the winter

but not this one

I feel love flowing

but not through me

how dangerous

to love, to see


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