Voice of a Supervillain

The NaPoWriMo.net challenge for April 14th is to write a poem in the voice of a superhero or supervillain, with the definition of these terms being left to the poet. My favorite literary protagonists are often detectives, and the supervillains that spring to mind would be their various nemeses. In that genre, what more classic struggle could there be than Sherlock Holmes and James Moriarty: two intense egos of massive proportions, each hoping to outwit the other.

Moriarty’s Demise

by Jan Brown

Holmes called me a spider

I tweaked the silk line of the web

and my minions fanned out

trapping the ordinary people

the flies and gnats of bureaucracy

snarled in a web of the extraordinary

. . .

even Holmes could not outsmart me

could not live a more remarkable life

could not claim a higher intellect

nor generate more newsworthy tales

he followed me, stumbling and tripping

chasing but not catching

. . .

and yet, here we are on the brink

peering over Reichenbach’s edge

tangled together, fending off mediocrity

pushing, shoving like common men

playing out a predictable story

with an unexpected end
P.S. If you are a fan of BBC’s “Sherlock,” the 21st century re-imagination of the characters and stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, you will be happy to know they started shooting Season 3 on March 18th 🙂 For more info, refer to this article in The Telegraph.


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