NaHaiWriMo – Final Week

The final week of National Haiku Writing Month is “house week.” Each day’s writing prompt is a different room or area of the house. For me, these represent the challenging and often difficult phases of life, love and loss that we experience in the family home.

Feb 22 (living room)

alone with the TV
no life
in the living room

Feb 23 (bedroom)

crash of thunder
softer than our words
we go to bed angry

Feb 24 (bathroom)

hotel bathroom
tiny sliver of soap
wishing for more

Feb 25 (dining room)

after the fight
single frozen dinner
lonely paper plate

Feb 26 (closet)

after a lifetime
her side of the closet

Feb 27 (garage)

shiny new car
but for trips to hospital

Feb 28 (kitchen)

mulled wine
steams the kitchen windows
hearts thaw like the snow


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