It’s time for Friday Fictioneers, when writers from around the world post 100-word stories based on a photo prompt provided on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog.  This week’s photo is by Janet Webb.

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by Jan Brown

Randy closed the 55-gallon drum with a final “clang.” He climbed down from the hayloft, stepping gingerly on his injured leg. He missed the last rung as his bloodied hands lost their grip.

How would he explain his injuries? He had promised his daughter, Rose: no more fighting. But when he encountered that scoundrel at anger management class, the promise was quickly broken.

Randy avoided his daughter and recovered in hermit-like solitude, self-medicating with his ample supply of whiskey.

Years later, Rose inherited the farm and demolished the dilapidated barn. The old, rusted drum upended and spilled her ex-boyfriend’s remains.



34 thoughts on “Demolition

    • She probably did…since he would have been mysteriously missing…but at the time she may have assumed he went off to start a new life after dumping her.

      The father and daughter names are permutations of Roseanna McCoy and her father, Randolph (“old Rand’l”). As you may know, the real Roseanna dallied with a Hatfield and wound up pregnant, but the scoundrel married another McCoy girl instead!

      Given that the characters were patterned after the always-violent Hatfields and McCoys, I thought it would be fitting and slightly amusing if both the girl’s dad and her jerky ex-boyfriend were assigned to anger management classes. Too bad it didn’t work….

    • Thank you, Parul! I think if the daughter had discovered her father’s crime at the time, the story would have been considerably longer, to deal with all the resultant conflict…. 😉

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