NaHaiWriMo – Color Week

Week three of National Haiku Writing Month is a week to celebrate expressive colors. Today’s color theme is red.

Red is the color of garnets and rubies. It’s a happy color for Christmas sweaters and summer T-shirts. It lights up my face and makes my hair sparkle.

It is also the color of blood.

Like most people, I’ve experienced life with many twists and turns, a continuous stream of events and the people in them: family, friends, school, career, marriage, divorce, retirement. But due to illness and surgery, I’ve come to view my life as “before and after.” I’m sure many others have this same view. Perhaps for some it is before and after an accident. Before and after cancer. Before and after domestic violence. Before and after a gunshot. Before and after the loss of a child.

“After” is on the other side of a deep chasm.

“After” is never the same.

For all who are struggling to cross the chasm, I pray that we can put our “befores” in perspective and encounter our “afters” with love.

red haiga cropped2

NaHaiWriMo’s writing prompts can be found on their Facebook Page here. 
Read more haiku on NaHaiWriMo’s Facebook timeline.


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