NaHaiWriMo – Feb 12th

Today’s prompt is “river.” My favorite state, Wisconsin, has some challenging rivers for those who love to indulge in canoeing, rafting or kayaking.  I never tried kayaking (would my hips really fit in that thing?) but the canoeing was sublime, and the rafting was wild! I was never very athletic–an understatement–but the rivers of Wisconsin have provided some great memories.

Pictured below is a view of the Peshtigo River, courtesy of pixn8tr (Jen Anne) on Reminds me of so many times our rafts got hung up on rocks, especially when the river was low–an apt metaphor for life.

 rapidrock on the Peshtigo River

river of life

filled with obstacles

can we float on by


NaHaiWriMo’s writing prompts can be found on their Facebook Page here.

Lots of lovely haiku can also be found on their Facebook timeline.

See more of pixn8tr’s photostream on


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