Music Appreciation with Kip and Dredge

My two favorite slackers, Kip and Dredge, are back this week–their first appearance in 2013. Also, happy birthday to my musical brother-in-law, who has a character namesake in this story.

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers, when writers from around the world post 100-word stories based on a photo prompt provided on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog.  This week’s photo is by Roger Cohen.

You can read other Friday Fictioneers’ work by clicking the link that appears below my story.


Photo Copyright - Roger Cohen

Music Appreciation with Kip and Dredge

by Jan Brown

Kip emerged from the dumpster, straining to lift the heavy instrument and hand it to his friend.

Dredge took the bass and set it against the back wall of Mick’s Music. “Why do they throw away so many instruments?”

“Mick said a lot of them are too f*’d up to repair.”

“And those are the ones that we sell to Mr. Lewis at the middle school. That’s the sad state of music education.”

“Hey, is this really a bass?” Kip turned it sideways and strummed it like a guitar. “Doesn’t look like a bass!”

“You’re proving my point.”

“Whatever, dude.”



41 thoughts on “Music Appreciation with Kip and Dredge

  1. They’re my favorite slackers too! Thanks for the new story. Funny but too sad. Will have to send it to my brother-in-law, who is also a music teacher.


  2. Our drummer for praise team teaches music at a school. I’ll have to ask him about this. 🙂 Glad I finally made it here so I could see what the rascals were up to. No good again, i see. And shame on the school for buying from them!!

  3. dumpster diving but for a good cause…to fund our state school system with better materials for learning. Kip & Dredge are not only fun characters but all heart! ❤
    Love your story. 😉

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      I imagined that the teacher has mad skills in instrument repair, but the word limit prevented me from exploring that aspect of the story. No matter–I like leaving the reader to fill in the blanks!

      Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week!

  4. proving his point. it’s great when that happens, but usually those who prove our points are not smart enough to recognize what they’ve done. well done.

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