The transportation authority has been building a new commuter station (and demolishing the existing structure) within earshot of my house…for almost a year now! I’m sure everyone will appreciate the tiny new station, but the annoyance-to-project-size ratio is seriously out of whack.  It is taking as long, and making as much noise, as a major highrise construction project. Reminds me of other monster (monstrous?) projects, like the demolition of the Sun Times building below, perpetrated by the lovable Mr. Trump.

Sometimes an “urban renewal” project can overwhelm the environs and disturb the native flora and fauna. In the case of our little train station, I am an unhappy representative of that fauna, and “disturbed” describes me pretty well :-O

March 2005 011


the crunch of demolition

breaking down structure

energize urban landscape

without empathy


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