Unhappy trail

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers, when writers from around the world post 100-word stories based on a photo prompt provided on Madison Woods‘ blog. This week’s photo is by Piya Singh. You can read other Friday Fictioneers’ work by clicking the link that appears below my story.

Unhappy Trail

by Jan Brown

The trail led to an ancient mill house, a compact stone structure straddling what once had been a rushing stream.  Now it was parched, barely a trickle of dirty water oozing slowly through the timeworn creek bed.

Detective Lee pondered the muddy footprints and blood, a chill running up her spine as she stepped inside. She nearly tripped over the body.

Other than a black eye and a small gash in the head, the woman on the floor did not appear seriously wounded. Lee wondered who had left the gory blood trail outside. Did he get away?

Then the “body” began moaning, and tried to speak. “Where…where’s my husband?”



25 thoughts on “Unhappy trail

    • Thanks, Boomie! The tale could go a number of ways. If hubby is the bad guy…I am thinking that the wife defended herself, causing him to leave a blood trail as he escaped. In that case, she’s asking about him because she’s afraid he’s still nearby.

  1. Nice beginning to what could be either a very simple tale or a very convoluted one, depending on which way you decided to go. But then, I suppose that could be said at the beginning of any story. I think, though, that by the time a detective actually arrived at the scene of the crime, it would already be deduced that the body was either alive, or dead!

  2. This curious piece has taken us on a ride to wonder who did what to whom and where does it go from here. Like “The Shadow” …only Jan knows. (For the newer generations…”The Shadow” was a wonderful, weekly suspenseful radio show. PS: I also love the first paragraph.

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