Up in Smoke

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers, when writers from around the world post 100-word stories based on a photo prompt provided on Madison Woods‘s blog. This week’s photo is by Maggie Duncan. You can read other Friday Fictioneers’ work (including Maggie’s) by clicking the link that appears below my story.

Up in Smoke

by Jan Brown

Smoke swept swiftly over the hills. In minutes, we could only see the tall shrubs that grew wild beyond our deck. Warning sirens began to bleat with anticlimactic urgency. Between their shrieks and the crackling fire, I could barely hear my neighbor screaming.

She was on her patio, pointing toward the wilderness that abutted our homes. She seemed to be railing against the wildfire, screaming at the sky. No, she was trying to draw my attention to something in the sky. Abruptly, it emerged from the darkening haze: a diminutive metallic sphere shooting sparks of light.

Shooting fire.

Shooting us.

I gasped, breathing in one last mouthful of smoke.



28 thoughts on “Up in Smoke

  1. How odd to say that a well-written sci-fi take is a different take on the prompt! There have been more non-sci-fi stories this time than any in the admittedly short time I’ve been participating. 🙂 But I always know there will be some. Just waiting for Adam’s!! Good job!

  2. Any chance the “diminutive metallic sphere” was a Martian retaliation for Curiosity’s invasion of its space? I agree with the others, you achieved a successful, yet unexpected, transition from the fire to the alien attack.

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