Campaign Breakfast Menu [FGC #23]

Chinese breakfast
asian rice porridge/poached egg/pickled bok choy

 election-year conversion on China

                               disappointments and broken promises

 mysterious entity. ownership stake. Chinese firm

banked on American firms outsourcing

steel-cut Irish oatmeal
blueberries/honey/toasted walnuts

“just being governor of Massachusetts,

which is almost a part of Ireland”

along with Ireland, funds

                              in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Switzerland

lobster benedict
poached egg / havarti / english muffin/saffron hollandaise

lobstermen have taken to the street

U.S.-Canada. crustacean calamity

                overfishing. global warming. population crash

lobster war reaches boiling point

26th street
two eggs/tortilla/avocado/Chihuahua cheese/pinto beans/jalapeño

 born in Chihuahua, Mexico

          fled the Mexican war

 “we have to make sure

that we enforce our borders”

chicken & waffles
crispy fried chicken/orange maple honey glaze

silence on Chick-Fil-A

                              biblical definition of the family unit

important issue reduced

                               to high-calorie takeout


buttermilk pancakes
Thai blueberry/basil compote

 evacuees sleep next to each other on blue mats

            float miraculously on the lapping water

one third of the country. swamped by floods

 Ryan budget plan. cut $5 billion in international aid

brioche french toast
bananas /peanut butter/nutella/bourbon whipped cream

 30 month mission. go to Bordeaux and say,

“Give up your wine! I’ve got a great religion for you!”

 a mix between monastic life, a fraternity pledge

and pest-control salesmanship


workout recovery
banana/peanut butter/organic honey/whey protein

 feeling the weight. muscle confusion

congressional abs for sex appeal?

 nothing against rock hard abs

plan to get those after I learn Spanish

açai / pomegranate / blueberry

 mercury. air toxins. environmental crusade

 to take the jobs of coal miners

 2003: coal-fired power plant “kills people.”

2012: grab the pro-coal mantle

carrot juice/asian pear/ginger

 orgy of pure distortion

leaving nothing behind

but the clean campaign

 we all deserve


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