Next Stop, Pecos

Every Friday, fiction writers around the world write 100-word stories based on a photo prompt issued by Madison Woods.  This week, I am combining it with the #liblit writing prompt issued by Shannon Wendt on Twitter (@wordswendt).

You can read more Friday Fictioneer stories by clicking the link that appears below my story.

Next Stop, Pecos

by Jan Brown

Travelling through the heat wave-stricken prairie via ancient Greyhound bus, she had to laugh at the futility of the tiny visor fan worn by her amorphous seat mate. The slow, lurching bus passed a wrecked outbuilding, the sole remains of a long-forgotten tornado. She saw a gunman silhouetted through a missing window, and her laughter turned to fear.

She felt the shot before she heard it. The bullet pierced her shoulder, producing spurts of blood in rhythm with her heartbeat. They would be expecting her to debark in Pecos for medical attention. Instead, she remained onboard, hiding the bloodstains under her companion’s serape.



25 thoughts on “Next Stop, Pecos

  1. Hmmm – wonder if she’ll be able to keep up appearances by the time she gets to Pecos? That sounds like a pretty serious wound!

    Obviously, you succeeded in drawing me into the story! Good job.

  2. Very good and interesting, it opens up all kind of thoughts. Almost like a prompt itself. When is the novel out ?

    • Thanks, Bjorn! I’m glad the story provoked some interesting thoughts. However, as to any prospect of a novel, I have to say hahahahahahahahahahaha! I’m afraid my post-retirement attention span is blissfully infinitesimal 😉

  3. The gunman was a nice twist to the way the story started. I also liked “debark”, as I enjoy interesting words that aren’t often used. Tell her to take Megabus next time. Even if it didn’t keep her from getting shot, it will cost less. 🙂

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