Honourable Mention

Dear readers, I have good news! My poem received honourable mention from the judges in the eMergent Publishing Rondeau Challenge.  The rondeau, “Allies,” was inspired by the NATO summit in Chicago and the accompanying political discussion, idealistic hope for peace, mutual support and democratic process, and surrounding protests for lack thereof.  It appeared on the blog May 26th:  https://mezzojan.wordpress.com/2012/05/26/fgc-16-allies/

Also for you poetry lovers, I recommend Travis King’s winning entry, “What is This Thing?” I think you will enjoy the way it questions the restrictions of form and asks, “…should we let our words run free…”  You can read it here: http://tokidokizenzen.tumblr.com/post/23891601476/what-is-this-thing-a-rondeau-fgc-16

Form and Genre Challenge #16—The Rondeau Challenge

Judges’ Choice: Travis King’s What Is This Thing?

Readers’ Choice: Annie Evett’s Summer Pleasures (with 68% of the vote)

Honourable mentions to Jan Brown (Judges’ Choice) and Carolyn Wagner (Readers’ Choice with 16% of the vote)

Congratulations to all our winners, and a huge thanks to all our participants!

via An Omnibus Edition of Winners! | Write Anything.


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