[FGC #16] Allies

Together now, they gather here
They struggle, knowing we hold dear
That fragile thing, the subject of
Our heart and hearth, that human love
We long for peace! Our voice is clear

They slew the dragons, shed no tear
But decades have not stilled our fear
Of resurrected beasts that move
Together now

With open mind and listening ear
Encompassing each cheer, each jeer
With prayers for guidance from above
To recognize the hawk, the dove
All voices speak, all nations hear
Together now


11 thoughts on “[FGC #16] Allies

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  2. I noticed the tag, Chicago, and so I assume this is about the NATO summit, and, if I’m reading it correctly, the protests as well. I can read it as being about either group (those attending the summit or the protesters) as well as about both together, and it seems to work as a coherent statement each way. A very well constructed piece.

    • Thank you, Travis. The Form and Genre Challenge was issued about the time of the NATO summit, and I did have this in mind when writing the rondeau. It may be naive or idealistic of me to think that we can all hear and support each other in the pursuit of freedom. But I think we have to have faith in democracy and in each other.

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