Tracks to Nowhere

Nowhere Train (or Train to Atlantis), a photo by innoxiuss on Flickr

I saw this haunting photo online today. The tracks to nowhere are indicative of so many things in our lives: the paths that led us away from our goals, the endeavors that consumed countless hours, days or years and led nowhere, or the paths that led to something amazing, but that amazing thing no longer exists.

As life suddenly changes, we are stranded and may not be able to see a way back. This is where I find myself after a long and trying illness.  I fight daily to find my way back.  I am not always moving in the right direction, and I’ve been stranded for quite some time, but I have faith that I will build a new set of tracks, and it will lead somewhere amazing.

8 thoughts on “Tracks to Nowhere

  1. I love this. SO INSPIRING!! so full of hope and determination. Very well done Jan, i applaud your will and strength, not many people can pull off endurance with such grace and style 🙂

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